Wickersham receives Distinguished Achievement Award

COLLEGE STATION  — Dr. Tryon Wickersham, assistant professor in the Department of Animal Science, is a recipient of the 2011 Association of Former Students’ Distinguished Achievement Award for College-Level Teaching.

The award was presented during the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Fall Faculty Reception held Oct. 26 in College Station.

Wickersham received a bachelor’s degree in animal science from Texas A&M University and a master’s degree and doctorate in ruminant nutrition from Kansas State University.

Wickersham teaches graduate level courses and laboratories in animal nutrition. He also directs research in ruminant nutrition with an interest in forage utilization and nitrogen metabolism. His previous research has focused on protein supplementation to cattle consuming low-quality forage and nitrogen metabolism in cattle consuming diets that are deficient in nitrogen. Future research goals include determining optimum supplementation strategies for ruminants consuming forages of divergent nutritive values and furthering our understanding of nitrogen metabolism in ruminants.

The Distinguished Achievement Award recognizes, encourages, and rewards the superior classroom teachers whose command of their respective discipline, teaching methodologies, pervasive caring, communication skills, and commitment to the learning process exemplify the meaning of teacher/mentor in its highest sense. This award is designed to distinguish those teachers who maintain high expectations of their students and who ensure academic rigor in their courses.


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