New course offers equine marketing, business strategies

COLLEGE STATION — A new course offered by the Department of Animal Science provides students with a historical perspective on domestic and international equine marketing along with strategies to develop a successful equine business.

Equine Marketing and Development will be taught to undergraduate students during fall semesters by Dr. Clay Cavinder, assistant professor. The three hour course will address current industry concerns as well as marketing, promotion, sales, welfare issues and transportation demands in the United States and abroad.

“The equine industry is a global business that requires those involved to be knowledgeable in all aspects of equine related practices in order to be successful,” Cavinder said. “This course will help prepare our students for real world work and business in this vast industry as well as help them identify potential job opportunities and employers in the field.”

The course currently is several weeks into its first semester. Cavinder has taught the history, safe handling practices and stress factors of equine transport by air, land and sea; equine welfare issues, liability issues of equine ownership; and the roles and responsibilities of the USDA/APHIS.

Students have heard guest lectures from Danny Williamson, animal health inspector with the Texas Health Commission, Jill Elsey from Elsey Equine Law in Houston, and Dr. Tracy Norman, veterinarian at Texas A&M University. Also, on Sept. 30 the class traveled to the Texas Department of Agriculture location at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston.

The students met with an equine export company called EZ 2 Spot Export and talked with a USDA veterinarian about transport requirements. Pictured above, the class stands in front of a transport container holding two stock horses and two mini horses on their way from Houston to Amsterdam. Front left, Caroline Brittain, Polly Atchison and Brittany Gifford. Back left, Dr. Ted Friend, Dr. Clay Cavinder, Terry Nielsen, owner of EZ 2 Spot Export, and his wife Dianne Nielsen, Kelsey Vyvlecka, Ashley Patton, Ashton Ulch, Ben Ford and Rebecca Muller.

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