Faculty, students present at annual animal, dairy science meeting

MONTREAL, CANADA (July12-16, 2009) — Several faculty and students from the Department of Animal Science were in Montreal, Canada, July 12-16, 2009 for the joint annual meeting of the American Dairy Science Association, Canadian Society of Animal Science and American Society of Animal Science.

Those participating in the poster and oral sessions include:

The impact of amino acid nutrition on pregnancy outcome in pigs: mechanisms and implications for swine production. G. Wu, F.W. Bazer, G.A. Johnson, S.W. Kim, and T.E. Spencer.

Using in vitro gas production technique to calculate total digestible nutrients value of native forage in southern Texas. A.D. Aguiar, L.O. Tedeschi, F.M. Rouquette, A. Ortega, D.S. Delaney, and S. Moore.

The effects of metaphylactic therapy on health and growth of neonatal Holstein bull calves. K.S. Holloway, G.A. Holub, J.E. Sawyer, and M.A. Tomaszewski.

Molecular cloning, distribution and ontogenetic expression of b0,+AT and the oligopeptide transporter PepT1 mRNA in Tibetan suckling piglets. W. Wang, G. Wu, W. Gu, T. Li, M. Geng, W. Chu, R. Huang, M. Fan, D. Fu, Z. Feng, and Y. Yin.

Evaluating the application of dual x-ray energy absorptiometry (DEXA) to assess dissectible fat and muscle from the 9-11th rib section of beef cattle. F.R.B. Ribeiro, R.D. Rhoades, L.O. Tedeschi, S.E. Martin, and S.F. Crouse.

Effects of feeding glycerol on fermentation kinetics of alfalfa hay. N.A. Krueger, R.C. Anderson, L.O. Tedeschi, W.K. Krueger, and D.J. Nisbet.

Predicting dry matter intake of grazing Brahman bulls selected for high and low feed efficiency. A.D. Aguiar, L.O. Tedeschi, F.M. Rouquette, Jr., T.D.A. Forbes, C.M. Hensarling, and R.D. Randel.

Low progesterone concentration during superstimulation of the first follicular wave impairs embryo quality of lactating dairy cows. F.A. Rivera, L.G.D. Mendonca, G. Lopes Jr., R.V. Perez, F. Guagnini, M. Amstalden, R.G.S. Bruno, J.E.P. Santos, and R.C. Chebel.

Resynchronization strategies to improve fertility in lactating dairy cows utilizing a presynchronization injection of GnRH or supplemental progesterone: I. Pregnancy rates and ovarian responses. S.T. Dewey, L.G.D. Mendonca, G. Lopes Jr., F.A. Rivera, F. Guagnini, R.C. Chebel, and T.R. Bilby.

Associations between feed efficiency and gut microbial ecology and fermentation parameters in feedlot cattle. W.F. Krueger, G.E. Carstens, Z.D. Paddock, T.R. Calloway, R.C. Anderson, N.A. Krueger, V. Gontcharova, S.E. Dowd, R.R. Gomez, and W.E. Pinchak.

Preliminary results of a comparison between Texas Rambouillet sheep and Australian Merino F1 crosses. C.J. Lupton, F.A. Pfeiffer, W.S. Ramsey, M. Salisbury, D.F. Waldron, J.W. Walker, and T.D. Willingham.

Prostaglandin (PF) E1 or E2 (PGE1, PGE2) luteal implants prevent luteoysis in cows. C.W. Weems, Y.S. Weems, R.C. Vann, S.P. Ford, D.A. Neuendorff, A.W. Lewis, T.A. Welsh, T.M. Nett, P.J. Bridges, and R.D. Randel.

Re-evaluating the technique of estimating total internal fat using real-time ultrasound and carcass measurements in beef cattle. F.R.B. Ribeiro, L.O. Tedeschi, J.R. Stouffer, and G.E. Carstens.

Determination of ruminal protein degradation kinetics of Soy Best with and withou soy gums using dynamic modeling and a single point in situ protein disappearance and simulations with the CPM Dairy nutrition model. L.O. Tedeschi, G.A. Holub, W. Chalupa, and C.A. Macgregor.

A comparison of measures of stress following administration of either lipopolysaccharide (LPS) or corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) to Brahman bulls and heifers. L.E. Hulbert, J.A. Carroll, M.A. Ballou, J.W. Dailey, L.C. Caldwell, A.N. Loyd, N.C. Burdick, R.C. Vann, T.H. Welsh,Jr., and R.D. Randel.

Relationships between residual feed intake and apparent nutrient digestibility, in vitro methan producing activity and VFA concentrations in growing Brangus heifers. W.K. Krueger, G.E. Carstens, R.R. Gomez, B.M. Bourg, P.A. Lancaster, L.J. Slay, J.C. Miller, R.C. Anderson, S.M. Horrocks, N.A. Krueger, and T.D.A. Forbes.

Relationship between residual feed intake, temperament, blood constituents and serum cortisol in growing Brangus heifers. R.R. Gomez, G.E. Carstens, T.H. Welsh, P.A. Lancaster, W.K. Krueger, and L.J. Slay.

Incorporating writing assignments in large animal science courses. J.A. Sterle.

Influence of an in vivo endotoxin challenge on ex vivo phagocytic and oxidative burst capacities of bovine neutrophis. M.A. Ballou, L.E. Hulbert, L.R. Schwertner, J.A. Carroll, L.C. Caldwell, R.C. Vann, T.H. Welsh, Jr., and R.D. Randel.

Influence of an in vivo corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) challenge on ex vivo phagocytic and oxidative burst capacities of bovine neutrophilis. M.A. Ballou, L.E. Hulbert, L.R. Schwertner, J.A. Carroll, L.C. Caldwell, R.C. Vann, T.H. Welsh, Jr., and R.D. Randel.

Effect of the beta-agonist RU-42173 on growth and body composition of bulls. D.P.D. Lanna, P.R. Leme, F.G.F. Castro, A.C. Vieira, V.M. Quecini, L.O. Tedeschi, and L.L. Coutinho.

Effects of a slow-release urea product on the N balance of growing cattle fed steam flaked corn. B.M. Bourg, T.A. Wickersham, L.O. Tedeschi, and J.M. Tricarico.

Effects of a slow-release urea product on performance and carcass characteristics of growing cattle fed steam-flaked corn. B.M. Bourg, L.O. Tedeschi, J.M. Tricarico, T.A. Wickersham, and W.K. Krueger.

Use of an automated sampler to assess bovine adrenal hormone response to transportation. N.C. Burdick, J.A. Carroll, R.D. Randel, S.T. Willard, R.C. Vann, C.C. Chase Jr., D.A. Neuendorff, A.W. Lewis, J.W. Dailey, L.E. Hulbert, L.C. Caldwell, J.G. Lyons, and T.H. Welsh, Jr.

Innovative dairy teaching through a broad-based Dairy Consortium. G.R. Hagevoort, M.A. Tomaszewski, and R. Collier.

Behavior-nutrition interactions in horses. D. Sigler.

Effects of Protimax and Betaine feed supplements on activity in dairy calves. S.C. Tutt, G. Holub, T.H. Friend, S.M. Garey, and J.E. Sawyer.

Evaluation of performance predictions of the Small Ruminant Nutrition System model using growth and body composition date of South African Mutton Merino and Dorper. A. Cannas, A. Linsky, L.J. Erasmus, L.O. Tedeschi, W.A. van Niekerk, and R. Coertze.

The acute phase response: Differentiating corticotrophin-releasing hormone (CRH)- versus lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced proinflammatory sytokine and acute phase protein profiles in beef calves. J.A. Carroll, L.E. Hulbert, N.C. Burdick, L.C. Caldwell, M.A. Ballou, J.D. Arthington, R.C. Vann, A.N. Loyd, T.H. Welsh Jr., and R.D. Randel.

Phosphorus and other nutrient disappearance from plants containing condensed tannins using the mobile nylon bag technique. S. Pagan-Riestra, J.P. Muir, B.D. Lambert, L.O. Tedeschi, and L. Redmon.

Effects of black hair coat color in neonatal Holstein bull calves. A.J. Krenek, G.A. Holub, and J.E. Sawyer.

The effects of betaine on free choice water intake and vital signs related to heat stress of neonatal Holstein bull calves. J.L. Clark, G.A. Holub, and J.E. Sawyer.


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