Areas of Excellence: Breeding and Genetics


Completed Research Projects

  • Genome wide association of birth characteristics, weaning characteristics, multiple assessments of animal temperament, carcass characteristics, female longevity and productivity, and udder characteristics in indicus-influenced females
  • Production and health responses in indicus-influenced steers to BVDV challenge
  • Influence of first calving date on stayability and cow productivity in indicus-influenced cows
  • Research on temperament has led to adoption of an EPD for docility in the guidelines for herd improvement by the American Brahman Association
  • Regulation of temperament by different genes with divergent functions.
  • Mathematical model of adaptation, or winter coat shedding and accumulation, in Angus cattle in tropical and subtropical climates
  • Documentation of differentially methylation regions of genome corresponding to imposed prenatal stress in Brahman calves and across generational persistence.

Ongoing Projects and Future Directions

  • Modeling of calf weigh genetic components based on Nellore and Angus parental breed differential
  • Adaptive immune profile response to BVDV vaccine in reciprocal Brahman-Angus F1 cross calves
  • Evaluation of calf growth and female reproductive performance of reciprocal cross F2 and advanced generation (F3 through F6) Nellore-Angus crosses
  • Development of training materials for beef cattle producers in the Central America
  • Post-weaning growth patterns and evaluation of beef cattle NRC predictions in reciprocal Brahman-Angus F1 cross calves
  • International partnerships for evaluation of reciprocal indicus × B. taurus and reciprocal tropically adapted crosses and large-scale genetic evaluations
  • Prenatal stress effects on phenotypes and DNA structures of Brahman cattle
  • Effects of telomere length in Brahman cattle
  • Grazing management of F1 Hereford-Brahman cows and yearlings
  • Forage cultivar breeding and release for subtropical conditions
  • Assisting the Republic of Vietnam in selecting U.S. genetics for export
  • Characterization of the inheritance of eye pigmentation as adaptive protection against solar-induced eye cancer in cattle of Hereford ancestry
  • Characterization of genetic control of udder changes and accumulation of abnormalities across lactation and lifetime in Brahman cows and cows of Hereford ancestry.
  • Genomic comparison of Nellore and Angus with Hanwoo cattle
  • Non-mendelian inheritance of growth and fertility of Brahman Angus reciprocal crosses

Research and publications in the Areas of Excellence

Department of Animal Science Areas of Excellence

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