Beef Cattle Browsing

Editor: Dr. Stephen Hammack, Professor & Extension Beef Cattle Specialist Emeritus

Beef Cattle Browsing is an electronic newsletter published by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, Department of Animal Science at Texas A&M University. This newsletter is a free service and is available to anyone interested in beef cattle.  Media, feel free to use this information as needed and cite Texas A&M University Beef Cattle Browsing Newsletter, Dr. Steve Hammack.

Current Edition: October 2015

Features the following topics:

  • The VFD (Veterinary Feed Directive
  • Effect of Longevity on Cow Herds
  • Glycerin, Another Coproduct for Finishing Cattle
  • Effect of Method and Timing of Castration on Stocker Calves
  • Sell Cull Cows at Weaning or Later?
  • Do Growth Implants for Calves Still Work with Today’s Genetics?
  • Effect of Weaning Period on Calf Performance
  • 2015 USDA Dietary Guidelines and Sustainability

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